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You ever done one of those SUDOKU number puzzles? You know, put the numbers 1 through 9 in their own little box without doubling any numbers? That's what I feel I'm doing at the moment. I'm going through the novel and creating a spreadsheet to keep the chronology in its little box. Once my SUDOKU-style spreadsheet is done, then I'm moving back to my movie script. Since Superzero is a superhero novel, I feel I can draw some parallels between the comic book format and movie format. I want to mix animation (for Zed's superhero dreams caused by the box of comic books his dead father left for him in the garage) and of course live action for the real world. I'm not sure if this will work very well... I think it has worked well for some movies. I want to show the reader the vast difference in what Zed thinks he can do as a superhero and what he can actually do as a little undersized boy of 8.