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An Apology

I sincerely apologize to everyone who read my recent blog post and subsequent article titled "Rape me!" It was not (and never will be) my intention to promote rape or violence in any form. I have since re-read both blog post and article and re-edited both to say more clearly what I wanted to mean. The edited blog post and article are now titled “Give birth to me”.


I have removed all references to rape, because my original intention was not to endorse rape. I wanted to write about the path a story takes from idea, to creation, to editing and re-editing, and then finally to publication and being read by The Reader. In hindsight I can see how offensive both pieces were and I do apologize again to all The Readers. I am sure the edited versions are far better in content and clearer in meaning. I would appreciate further feedback if this is not the case.


I appreciate all the feedback from The Readers and from Red Room itself. My hope is that my writing will only improve in content and style and meaning with your help. After all, no writing is complete until it is read by you, The Reader. I thank all of you who read my words and hope they touch you in a good, meaningful, inspiring, thought-provoking, non-offensive way. Thank you again.

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Quenntis, thank you so much for apologizing...

many people would not take time out to write a thoughtful blog like yours. It shows what a fantastic community we have here when people take responsibility for their actions. Please keep blogging and sharing your ideas with us!

Jennifer Gibbons, Red Room

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I didn't read the original blog,

because of the title and leading words. As I guess other people have responded, it was territory I had no interest in entering. It repulsed rather than attracted.
But an apology is another matter, it is a sign of respect and willingness to listen and change. That is a quality I wish there was more of in the world. Thank you and good luck with your writing.