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I met the first nightmare during the day on the beach. Abominable! People use this word without knowing what it really means. Look up the word and then imagine in your mind’s eye something you could never imagine. That is what I met that day on the beach.  Have arrangements with such a person I love come to this? That I should meet him on the sand to the sound of waves sliding along behind us on watery legs? Yes, so very strange! And stranger still that I should love him. 

Grandmother, why am I so fond of arrangements made without my knowledge? This man arranged for me to love him without my knowledge.

The result is my life. Afterwards I could sleep well for several days before desiring another meeting. Are these the end days then? The way I desire this ugliness recently made flesh?

If you want to sleep I can arrange it. One kiss from him would send you into the land of first nightmares and last screams. You would sleep. No? I am the animal that called a meeting with you. Hahaha… You laugh? You should weep! This is not a good thing. Be careful, for what comes after Armageddon is not Hell but Heaven. Such abominable beauty could only exist after the end of everything. I have seen it. I have lived it and now I am here. The result is my death. Join me for a walk where water and sand join at the lip and the sitting sun moves no longer. No? I’m patient. I can wait. I’m waiting for you. I know you’ll come to me when you’re ready in the end. 

This is the end and you’re in it now. Welcome, lover!