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55. Tide’s in

The ebb and flow

Of work and play,

Effort and relaxation

Is gone.

As is the fun

Of doing nothing.

Must we always be actively engaged

With the world we live in?

Is taking a break such a sin?

Are we really crazy to want to be lazy?

Whatever happened to free time

Being free?

Is being productive and busy

The best use of our limited time?


It’s time to switch off

The TV,

The computer,

The cell,

The chargers of our electronic warders,

The gadgets of inconvenience.


It’s time to turn off the lights

Because somebody is at home,

Too close the strained eyes,

To shut our flapping ears,

To take deep breaths,

To taste silence,

To smell peace in ourselves,

To sense the end of today’s race.




Do not disturb.


It’s time to reclaim

The ebb of your flow,

So your wisdom may grow

And you can sow today’s seeds before

You reap tomorrow’s harvest.


Let’s reclaim the tides of our lives.