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That's the number of degrees celsius in my bedroom tonight. Summer has just officially begun and I'm ready as hell to face whatever the sun cares to throw my way. My windows are open to the late night blues of a man shouting nonsense and a car talking sense. I can hear the machines whispering secret heavy metal lyrics to each other. The gurgle gargle of water going up and falling down the pipes. The small plastic squares click-clacking as I push them down. They defiantly spring back up again, ready for more of the same. My bare back, nude in the neon of a desk lamp, cooled by the fan. I feel the heat soak in through the skin. I'm on fire tonight! Somebody put out the sun and make me cool. Please?

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Know the feeling. South Texas in summer- ninety percent humidity and ninety-eight degree days for miles on end. Keep that fan running!

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I want some of that heat

I want some of that heat Quenntis, it is cold and rainy here tonight, grey sky, green trees, bare feet calling out for socks!M