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22. Body

His car is parked outside a kindergarten,

Has been for some time actually.

The windows are taped up so that nobody

Can see his body inside.

On the windscreen is a warning note:


“Danger! Toxic chemicals within.

Open with care.”


We opened with care,

And vomited a little less so

At his unwelcome greeting.


His car is no longer parked there,

Hasn’t been for some time now.

The windows are still taped up.

Faint remains of food still linger on the tar

Along with the dried husks of escaped maggots.


“Danger! Suicide is messy.

Take care to avoid.”


The smell just refuses to go away.

Life is not like a box of chocolates

When it ends and gets ignored for a long time.

Not delicious.

Not a pretty sight.

Not good.