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I started the "Superzero" movie adaptation. Wow, it's tough adapting something I've read into a screenplay format. I find I'm departing from the page and making stuff up because a book is not a movie.  For example, when I'm given information about things that have happened (in passing) I have to either present it as a prelude to what's going on at that moment, or include some elements to hint at the fact that this or that has happened before the action presented on the screen. Either by using flashbacks, or cutting it, or changing it, or reflecting it in the dialogue, or using a voiceover, or... The main point is, I have to be just as creative when adapting as when making up my own stuff! Phew!

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Try not to use flashback, if at all possible. I happen to also think voice over is over used. But that's only my opinion. It IS hard to adapt a book to the screen. That's why when people say: The movie didn't follow the book. I want to say: Sometimes it can't! So, in other words, go ahead and make it up! That may be the best way to convey the heart of the book.
Best of luck with it!