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15,182 words, and still behind :-(

I wish I had more time to spend writing my novel.

It seems all I can do is grab the precious few minutes I can and write when I can.

I'm way behind on my total word count goal, but I still write every day. If I have more time, I'll write more. There are times when I wish the day had more writing time in it, but life is full of essential non-writing things to do, too.


If you want to read the first part of my novel-in-progress for free, you can do so at Smashwords:



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Quenntis I hear you loud and clear. Life just gets in the way of fiction. :-). Try writing short stories and weave them together as Flannery O Connor did. I think Graham Greene used to write 300 words everyday - so in a month that would be 9000 and in ten months 90,000. Of course P.G. Wodehouse and Barbara Cartland, and others could write a novel in one month. But they wrote formula novels.