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11. Voiced

The voices in my head

Don’t make me crazy.

By keeping my lazy self

Super duper busy;

My motivations are clear,

My ambitions are dear to me,

To us,

To the one wearing this suit of skin

For us.


We want every day success;

Tasks done well,

Goals achieved step by step,

Visibly voiceless affirmations in glowing neon,

In flashing fairy lights,

Telling, shouting, yelling;



Silently of course.


Repeat the victory call for all to hear

With trumpets and bagpipes,

With cymbals and gongs;

I survived another day

Of madness,

Of bridging the gap

Between our rage and the blank page.


Now as I lay my body

Down to rest,

We ask our words,

Our spirits,

Our voices,

To keep alive the many

That are one,

The multitude that dwell within.


We ask our words

To address the world

On our behalf,

For we have long since parted ways,

As equals do.


Destined to return tomorrow.

Perhaps they may be otherwise engaged.

You never know.

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Our voices....

I found this piece to have a feeling of crescendo to it - it continued to build, almost like a busy day.

Some of the stunning lines that stuck out for me:

"Visibly voiceless affirmations in glowing neon,

In flashing fairy lights"

Lush, gorgeous, evocative.

I look forward to reading more of your work!


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Thanks for the support

I'm trying my hand at writing poems on a regular basis instead of just now and then. I really love putting them down on the page (and later the screen) for others to read. Thanks for reading and commenting, it really helps to know we're not alone in the dungeon, writing by candlelight until the wax burns down completely...