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What does this remind you of?

Passionate McCain supporters now claim that Senator Obama will lead this country into communism.  Earlier in the week McCain zealots attacked Obama on his socialism.  Socialism and communism are used as buzz-words by the overly-buzzed.  This sort of witch-hunting represents the worst kind of social fervor.  What it lacks in substance it makes up for in alarmist rhetoric.  What it lacks in truth, it makes up for in breast-beating.  It is the last gasp effort of fervent McCainites in a losing campaign. 


We witness in their empty claims and jingoistic accusations the final refuge of the McCain believers: fanatical rhetoric based on fear, hatred, and ignorance. 


What does this remind you of? 

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McCarthy Anyone?

Next thing you know there will be "lists" again, and all of us creative types will be hounded for being Commies and Pinkos (lol)  McCain is old enough to remember all of that...he should know better.