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West Palm Beach, FL
Nov 2008

A former Clinical Psychologist, I was sidelined by CFIDS in 1990. Before that, I lived in the Carolinas, the midwest, Hawaii, New England and now  SE Florida. I began writing poetry in 1999 and have published extensively. My third chapbook, Hesitant Commitments, was released by Lummox Press as part of its Little Red Book series, archived at Brown University and SUNY. More recently Lummox published my full length poetry book, Sea Trails, based on my six month 1977 trip down the east coast in a 22 foot sailboat. A fifth collection, The Nature of Attraction, with Scott Owens, is available with Main Street Rag Press. I've been nominated for three Pushcart Prizes.

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Multiple. Before CFIDS, riding bicycle, sailing, piano, reading, writng. Now more writing.