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What kind of family matters? Is adoption the best thing for children in care? Precious Williams and David Akinsanya, who were fostered, reflect on their experiences...
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Interview: "I once drank 5 bottles of champagne in one afternoon...." - the legend Nina Simone My first ever celebrity interview, fresh out of journalism school in 1999 with the great Nina Simone, while she was on probation for shooting her neighbour's kid in the kneecaps...
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An Education: Ivy League Hookers    by Precious Williams first published in Glamour magazine WHEN I meet Celine she is wearing a floor-length Marc Jacobs coat over  Chloe jeans,  a TSE Cashmere sweater and Jimmy Choo spike heels.  She jokingly calls herself a "label whore." In reality...
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Health: My Life As An Ex-Vegetarian     first published in the Daily Telegraph (UK) Last week, after 12 years of strict vegetarianism, I tucked into an oozing pink slab of sirloin steak. By the time the meat reached my plate, I hadn't eaten a morsel of meat during my entire adult life....
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first published in The Independent....on 17/5/2010 Independent article Race under fire: Is being white something you can learn? What does it mean to be white? An explosive new book by an American academic argues that whiteness isn't biological at all – in fact, it can be learned. Precious...
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