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How delightful to be named Red Room's "Rising Star" of the week. It's particularly sweet as I just decided to make this blog my "official blog," after moving my official internet presence from the ol' blogspot (http://www.porochistakhakpour.blogspot.com/) to a real website (http://www.porochistakhakpour.com/).

I just moved to Lewisburg, PA to teach fiction as a Visiting Prof in Creative Writing for the year, so I am quite crazed at the moment, getting syllabi together and attending surprisingly enjoyable university functions. And, for the first time in my life, enjoying country life. I've been a strictly city girl all my life--Tehran, L.A., NYC, with shorter stints in Chicago and Baltimore--so rural life and a town of 5,000 people was a bit daunting to me. But I've never felt so happy. So once I get the semester in gear in a few days and get over my honeymoon with the boonies, I will indeed be updating here regularly.

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Congratulations on the Rising Star designation and also on finding joy in country life. I always valued city life more highly, too, so I admire your ability to broaden your range of appreciation (I'm still struggling with it!).

- June

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Thanks, June! Nice to meet

Thanks, June! Nice to meet you.

Give me a few weeks and I may be in the struggle zone. I just got my first speeding ticket, after all!

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It's nice to see you here, Porochista. Many of us have been aware of your star's ascendancy this year--my neighborhood book club will be reading your book soon.

Have fun in the Red Room!

Cheryl Snell www.shivasarms.blogspot.com

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Aw, thanks, Cheryl. I think

Aw, thanks, Cheryl. I think I have seen your blog a few times. And your book club will be happy to know the paperback comes with a really great reading group guide.

Thanks for the kind words!

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The boonies

Hi, I moved to the boonies a long time ago. Now I struggle with cities. It should be fun to hear how it works out for you as you go along. I look forward to reading about it in future blogs. Just remember, if you sneeze in the bank someone will ask you how your cold is when you get to the post office. AND, be careful what you say about people. When I first lived here I made the mistake of relating a situation where a woman was rude to me to a new friend. She quietly heard me out and then mentioned that the offending woman was her sister! But, it is nice to be able to get your mail even if you forgot your key and to be able to do your banking when you forgot your checkbook.

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Hi Linda, thanks for

Hi Linda, thanks for dropping by! And good advice. You may appreciate this. . .The biggest town news seems to have happened just before I arrived. Apparently a couple weeks ago a 200-pound black bear was suddenly roaming the most "happening" part of the main street here. He apparently walked back and forth for hours and eventually climbed a tree, until the fire dept. got him. Luckily they just tranquilized him, not killed him or something. But the whole town won't stop talking about it and all the storefronts have their own pictures of the wandering bear. Now what will ever top that?!

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Well, I just went thru all the files in your Media section, and your book and writing style sound wonderful.  I am buying this book and will read it post haste.  Might even post a review of the book afterwards!  You get to be my first review!  You are one funny gal!  I look forward to reading your debut novel.

Randy Wong

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Hi Randy, Thanks for

Hi Randy,

Thanks for popping by. And I'd be honored to be your first review! I consider you halfway there, just noting the "funny." ;)

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Rumi said:

I've said before that every craftsman
searches for what's not there
to practice his craft.

Having just browsed a bit, a general comment would be that we look for what is not there. I am aware of what has come to be known as 'diaspora writing' mainly by Indian and Pakistani writers. Would love to read what you have to say.

And, yes, it is great to be a rising star here...a closer look at the sky.


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I love the name "Farzana" so

I love the name "Farzana" so much, or "Farzaneh" also as the Iranians write it. So pretty.

I'd be happy to know what you think! Thanks for the beautiful Rumi lyric also.