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Feeling rather Eddie Money+Ronnie Spector about this weekend. . .

Why, do you ask?

Because it's my first NYC homecoming in a month! I'll be at the Brooklyn Book Festival (see my Events) reading on Sunday at 5:00pm for the "Brooklyn International" portion at Center Stage. It will be kind of a Happy Ending Series reading--if you know what I mean by that--but sans the Happy Ending Bar. The ever 2-legit-2-quit Amanda Stern will still be the host though. I really have no idea what my "risk" will be (you have to perform a sort of "dare" as a part of your reading), but if it's anything like the one I did in December at my Happy Ending reading at the actual venue, it will be. . a total disaster. I tried to crank call Iran and put it on speaker phone. Iran did not answer. Sigh. . .

Anyway, I am also excited to go to NYC because I love my St. Mark's sublet, NYC autumns, walking walking walking, spending too much money, and feeling assaulted by all the very familiar bad smells and sounds! It is after all most of what I have known since I was 18. Since then I have never left NYC for more than some months---never quite a year even, without a few visits at least. It never mattered where I was--I would always find a way to be back "home" within a few months. I've lived in the UK, LA (several times), Baltimore, Chicago (twice), and now PA and already I can see myself being enslaved monthly to the ol'HQ.

I hope to make it to the Louise Bourgeois exhibit at the Guggenheim and the Gothic: Dark Glamour show at FIT. Other than that it will be much Brooklyn bookish stuff, a few business meetings, a birthday, and old haunt-ings.

I do have to note that I am loving living in small-town PA. And loving even more that I get to vote here. Quick, folks, move to swing states! We need you. . . *p