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How Much Time Do You Devote To Your Book's Campaign?
As a publishing insider, PJ Campbell has a keen sense of what works!
PJ Campbell with her Award-Winning National Best Books Award 2009/USA Book News

Do you have a website? How often do you update it? Do you have a blog? Are you a frequent blogger not only on your own blog, but others? Do you have a Facebook page and/or a Twitter account? Are you on LinkedIn? How many followers do you have?  Have you gotten publicity for your book, national and/or local? Are you a contributor to any publications? Have you developed an e-mail list? Are you a presenter at conferences, workshops, book festivals or online? Have you ever conducted or participated in a webinar, teleseminar of a podcast?

I'm guessing you're following where I'm headed with all of the aformentioned. You can't possibly do TOO much for your book's campaign and just when you feel like you've done everything you can do, that's the point where you need to start all over again.  I'm at that point, now.

Since my book, 101 AUTHOR TIPS:  Creating A Successful Book Campaign was released in June 2009, I've done my best to get the word out, generate buzz, book publicity and events, market  the book in the blogosphere and on and on, while maintaining a very demanding full-time day job as the Director of Events for a major global publisher.  I'm not complaining or trying to impress you because most authors who are not writers full-time are faced with the same circumstances. And we all know that's the majority. The best thing I can tell you is that if you continue, maybe not at the same pace as when the book first released, but at a steady rate and notice what's working and what's not, you will be able to add longevity to the sale of your book.

It's not brain surgery by any means, but it does require time. Developing a relationship with time will enable you to accomplish more than you thought imaginable.  Is it simple? Yes. Is it easy? Well, not for me and I haven't mastered it yet. Some of the advice I've been given goes along the lines of:

  • Set an attainable goal, daily. Attempt to accomplish two things that are a priority in that day.
  • Create a checklist and number your tasks from 1-10, A-C. Your list would look like this:
  •                                                      1a: Update my website with photos & video
  •                                                      1b:  Pitch myself as a speaker to....
  •                                                       2a:  Blog on my own blog daily
  •                                                       2b:  Blog on other blog sites

I'm good at making lists and pretty much adhere to my priorities, but where I get into trouble is expecting to accomplish more than is possible and then I feel disappointed and overwhelmed to the point I shut down.

So, I'm trying, again, to keep on track because it really can make all the difference in your book's success. Staying in the present moment and being realistic of my abilities.  Blogging today on The Red Room is a good place for me to start.

If you have time strategies that have worked for you, please share them. I welcome your feedback and thank you in advance for your support. Knowing that other writers may read this blog is inspiration for me to start, once again, to keep  myself at a good and steady pace.Author's blog

Write On, Write Now,