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Thoughts of the Day/Words to Live By

Thoughts of the Day/Words to Live By

You know the economy is bad when even retail jobs are being picky. A few weeks ago, I applied for a job with a retail company. I thought the first interview went okay and then I was told that I had come back for a second interview. I thought the second interview went okay but then, they wanted me to come in a for third interview, on a Saturday no less. I guess I've been out of the job market for awhile. I just wonder, with retail jobs, is this the standard policy? Despite having previous experience, that's not enough these days. I've heard from friends, with degrees, that's no uncommon to go in for group interviews and compete with 4-5 other people for that coveted $7.00 an hour job. Am I being sarcastic? No but I wonder, why have someone interview on the weekends? Maybe it's because we live different lives on the weekends. During the week, when we are working, we present one face to the world but on the weekend, when we are alone, oftentime we let our guard down and show our true colors. I know that for me, the weekends are when I write in my pajamas, sleep late and don't worry about what I have and have not accomplished. How do you spend your weekends? What kind of person do you become on the weekend? Maybe I'm going too deep but I guess I think about things a lot of the time . . .

Anyway, I'm currently re-reading my writing bible, On Writers' Block by Victoria Nelson. If you are serious about being a writer, then I absolutely recommend this book. There are copies reasonably priced on amazon.com. This is a book that I wouldn't recommend borrowing, you must buy it. Porque? Because there is so much useful information, that a highlighter is necessary. I found this useful passage that I really related to. It is as follows:

"Engaging in an act of art is very much like establishing a relationship with another person. If you try to possess or control that person, he or she will elude you; if, instead, you form a friendship based on mutual respect, then over time, with much love and patience, you can forge a secure bond. To accomplish this goal, however, you must be prepared to effect a fundamental change of attitude toward yourself."

All rights reserved@2008 Victoria Nelson

Ah, words to live by. A wonderful book by a wonderful writer. What are your words to live by? Think about that and then write.

Take care,