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The Dark Side of Life

The Dark Side of Life

I've heard of male sociopaths but now, after doing some research, I'm learning that there are female sociopaths. I came across this fascinating article. Unfortunately, the characteristics of someone like this is so vague that anyone could easily fit the profile. I could fit the profile. My credit could be better. I don't have any parking tickets but I have had anger issues in the past. I was drawn to the article because of the word Venus. Up until recently, I was an astrology fanatic and I'm slowly but surely pulling away from astrology and learning to trust in God. I'm also learning humility. Humility, though, does not mean being submissive. Oh, no. The only person that we should submit ourselves before is God and that's the honest to goodness truth.

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However, I'm learning that prayer, meditation and having faith in God often are very helpful. A sociopath is someone who has Antisocial Personality Disorder. I was fascinated by this disorder because up until recently, I wrote stories that often had violence in them. Stories that focused on people that were on the fringes of society. I can't promise that at some point in the future, I may return to writing those kinds of stories. I was also fascinated by the disorder because some of the characteristics, I have. I'm sure that if we look closely, all of us have the potential to go to the dark side, if we are not careful. I've had trouble keeping jobs because of boredom. I'm picky about friends and some people might say that I'm superficial.  Sometimes, we have to have compassion for people we'd rather not have anything to deal with. But Jesus believes that is necessary to being a true Christian. It's the only way that we can move on with our lives and walk in love. But what does walking in love mean? It means being submissive to God and not anyone else. (Check back later for another blog entry on this topic.)

Becoming a new person doesn't mean that I will change all of my habits overnight. I'm not perfect. It means that I'm aware of my faults and I'm willing to change them. The hardest thing, though is completely letting go of any animosity we may have toward people that seek to do us harm and that's not easy for me. Lately, I have found myself wondering why God put certain people in my life. I have to believe that everything happens for a reason. I need to know that my family will be safe from anyone that seeks to do us harm. I understand that no matter how hard we try, some people want us to suffer no matter what. The world is fast becoming a sad, cruel, evil place. It's starting to finally click inside my head that true happiness comes from living a life that would make God happy. I know that sounds elementary but years ago, I stopped going to church. I moved away from God until I was basically forced to come back to Him. I pray that all of us will develop our own very special relationship and start a circle of prayer that will hopefully bring more love back into the world.

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