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Bloomsbury Review praises SURREAL SOUTH anthology

The January/February 2008 number of the invaluable Bloomsbury Review carries a very nice notice - written by Mark Budman, publisher and editor of the flash fiction 'zine Vestal Review, to which you should all flock and submit your flashes - about Surreal South, the anthology that Laura and I recently edited for Press53.

Since Bloomsbury doesn't seem to post any of its content online (a terrible mistake, in my view), I'm going to take the liberty of reproducing the review below. For those of you who don't want to squint to make out the scanned newsprint, though, here are a few of the choicest quotes (some of them slightly out of context, purely for effect):


"highbrow, literary writing"

"New blood"

"the rejuvenation of fiction"

"an anthropological eye-opener"

"a dream portal"

"a pot of nightmares"

"marijuana, fear, fatigue, alcohol, rage, and betrayal"
(sounds like the recipe for a good old-fashioned Appalachian family reunion to me!)

"the dreams of a hot and sticky southern night"

"irresistible offering"

"sultry and unforgettable"

I will also take a moment to note (though L is too modest to want me to) that Mr. Budman singles out her contribution to the anthology - the deeply creepy story "Witches, All" - for particular praise, calling it "the most visually imaginative and logistically complex of all the stories."

Here's the full review: