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Before the Season Ends

Today I have a special Guest Blogger named Linore Rose Burkard. I found her and her debute novel Before the Season Ends through a friends blog and I'm glad I did because I'm going to be reviewing her novel sometime soon. I really loved the cover of her novel along with the title but when I read the blurb of her book it really hooked me so I went to her website. I found this little trailer she had of her novel and after I finished watching it I knew I had to get in touch with Linore so I can review her novel as well as have her here on my blog as a guest. Even though Linore's novel is considered a christian romance novel and I've never really read any christian based novels I still wanted to read it. I'm always telling everyone that I love reading new types of genres except non-fiction which I really don't like reading so I'm going to read this novel even though I've never read a Jane Austen book either.

Note: If I get 10 readers to comment to this post Linore will be giving away one of her books for free to one lucky winner.