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Getting to know a Self-Published Author
A Rose to the Fallen

Well today I have a self-published author named April Bostic guest blogging on my blog Talk About My Favorite Authors. I met her through a couple of my groups on MySpace because she posted a couple of topics trying to promote her self-published paranormal romance novel A Rose to the Fallen. I went to her official author website and learned a bit about her and found out that she lives in New Jersey which is pretty close to New York where I live. I also got a lot of information about what inspired her to write her novel and get it self-published instead of submitting her manuscript to an agent or publishing house.

 I also got to know more about her very interesting novel and so I decided to contacting her about maybe reviewing her book since she didn't have any reviews yet. I also asked her if she would be interested at being a guest blogger on my blog and to also being interviewed on my blog as well. She immediately got in touch with me the same day and accepted my offer and I was so glad because I was so looking forward to helping her promote her novel on my blog. April is older than me and when I get older and out of college I wish to have the same confidence she had of getting her novel published no matter if you have to self-publish yourself to get it out for people to read. Well I've gone on long enough and I hope that April gets more people interested in her book with her guest blog and interview from my blog.

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April's book sounds interesting.

Phoebe, I too am self-published so April's method and means interest me. What publisher did April use? Is her book on Amazon.com, etc. or is she selling out of the trunk of her car?
I used Lulu.com and the pricing handicaps me. Too high!

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I'm glad it Interested you.

April used AuthorHouse.com and yes her book is on Amazon.com and BN.com as well.

Phoebe Jordan, blog author of Talk About My Favorite Authors