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Forbidden Love & A Message of Hope
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Nadia Heyd
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Forbidden Love & A Message Of Hope!

The world could always use more messengers of hope -Philip Hyams is one such messenger. In his new novel CANNAN BARRED Hyams tells a tale of forbidden love between Jonah, an Israeli, and
Palestine, an Arab, in a land torn apart by religious and political fundamentalism.

The two young lovers realize that their cultures do not welcome their love. Palestine, the realist, resigns herself to accepting the cultural situation and keeping their love a secret. Jonah, the dreamer, has his nose to the winds of change, longing for the day when such secrets are no longer necessary.

The story begins with Jonah, who awakens to find himself abandoned in a mental institution, where he is shocked to learn of the brutal murder of his beloved. The story of their love is conveyed through Jonah’s memories as he records them in a journal from his hospital room. As he struggles with the anger, rage, and grief of mourning over the loss of a loved one, and passionate emotions sometimes vented in bouts of physical violence towards the staff, Jonah learns that the only way he will be released from the institute is to don the mask of "normalcy". Only then will he be free to pursue his dreams of a better reality. Although he wears it well, this mask suffocates him, as it is made of the very fabric of his true despised reality, having been woven of the loom of prejudice, bigotry, and hatred.

Through Jonah’s recovery, we witness images of great love amidst the struggle for survival of two proud peoples. These images are both dark and futile, yet poignantly hopeful. CANNAN BARRED
courageously argues for a time and a place where human dignity, love, tolerance, and the sanctity of life prevail above all else.

Tell Publishing,
$7.95 USA./ $9.95 Canada
125-page trade paperback
ISBN 1-896560-04-0 CIP
C95 932031-8