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In Progress: One World Poet: The Story of a Disabled Internationalist

Well today I am busy working on my new narrative non-fiction book. I think you will find the subject matter interesting...well at least 10% of the population will...those that belong to the disabled community! (...and others as well interested in how one can overcome the trials and tribulations of LIfe no matter waht the odds!  Here's what it is all about:

One World Poet: The Story of a Disabled Internationalist Philip Hyams a Canadian/Israeli writer and filmmaker has led a life of radical extremes on three continents. From the freezing post-depression days of early ‘50s Montreal to the burning summer khamsins of northern Israel, from the gray desolate skies and slums of South London to the gabled streets, serpentine canals and red-light areas of Amsterdam – his life and travels have taken him down myriad routes, through fire…through ice…and back again. One World Poet is more than a memoir documenting the days of one individual living in a world where there exists not but one truth but many, but also a narrative testament to the willpower of the individual and the paths in life people designate for themselves.Severely disabled at the age of 15 by an incurable auto-immune disease, later complicated by a rare cancer and subsequently spending more than three years fighting for his life in order to live the life he plotted out for himself since the age of nine – Fire and Ice takes us to many familiar scenarios the reader can associate with, but also many, darker locations, areas most people would never dare to venture.  The biting Quebec winters of the author’s childhood, the travails of his trade-union father, bookie grandfather and disturbed mother - morph into a myriad tapestry comprised of other eccentric relatives and acquaintances that permeated the author’s early years. Witness the wild days of FLQ mailboxes blowing up across Quebec and the murder of Pierre Laporte, the influence of radical black politics and the Black Panthers within the writer’s internationalist Jewish family. – all this and more, set against the backdrop of a staunch Catholic Quebec. It doesn’t stop there. Travel to post ’67 Israel and the wild kibbutz experience of drugs and Danish femmes fatales…then from there…to the backstreets of Soho and Amsterdam…the exaggerated binges of exiled drug dealers and artists from tens of countries finding refuge in the city of Anne Frank…the cafes…the clubs…the whores…Fire and Ice! Witness the author’s marriage to the granddaughter of a famous Turkish classical musician, the making of the writer’s award-winning documentary films in Canada’s north detailing the plight of aboriginal Canadians.One World Poet introduces us to a cast of infamous unknown and known players who the author either intimately knew or met during the course of his personal odyssey: Jack Michleline, Jerome Rothenberg, Gregory Corso, Kathy Acker, Stirling Moss, Mohammed Mrabet and Piero Heliczer are just a few of the real-life characters who at one time or another pop-up in  the artist’s true narrative adventure.In an age when mass media shapes the nature and desires of the global community. Fire and Ice is an invigorating, breathless and optimistic “film noir” that not only takes us into the author’s extraordinary life but also back through the years to times when life did not seem so complex. Or are we perhaps fooling ourselves?