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Sunday Will Never Be the Same....and the Other Days Won't Either

The View From the Loft of Starbucks Corfu

I'm a creature of habit. Generally I do the same things each and every day; wake up at 4am, research for my sports show, teach tennis at my academy, eat lunch, do more research, teach more tennis, do more research.....

Oh you get the point huh :-)

Part of being a creature of habit is where I do my research; as many of you know I'm forced to do most of my internet work in the public eye as I don't have dependable internet in my residence.

Enter Starbucks Corfu.

Starbucks Corfu is located at the resort where I live and basically a drop shot away from where I currently reside. For me it's absolutely perfect. 

Starbucks Corfu has very dependable WiFi internet which is obviously a necessity.

Starbucks Corfu makes especially for me homemade iced tea. You know, the tea that is actually brewed and comes without sugar and all the other amenities many people crave. I even had to teach the folks here how to make it.

Starbucks Corfu has great snacks and deserts that I shouldn't eat and these amazing chicken triangle sandwiches filled with cream cheese that I shouldn't be eating either.

Starbucks Corfu has always had great employees who look after me like I was family. The managers have both been great; the former manager Eleni and the current manager Stavroula are very special people and a big reason why this place was and is worth a visit.

Starbucks Corfu is hands down the most beautiful Starbucks in the entire world. Don't believe me? The picture at the top of the posting was taken from the upstairs loft where I spend the majority of my Starbucks time.

Now you know why I like the joint, right? There are a few other reasons why I like Starbucks Corfu......

There aren't any people asking me how much money I make from my tennis, radio show etc...

There aren't any people who haven't accomplished very much in their own career offering me unsolicited advice or attempting to advise me on how I should proceed with my career.

There isn't anyone standing behind me trying to read my emails or offering to help me communicate better with whomever they thought I was writing to.

I could go on and on but Starbucks Corfu offers me one of the things I value most of all and haven't had much of these last 10 years;


Rarely if ever will you see me down in the lower level at Starbucks Corfu just sitting and it's even rarer when you'll see me actually talking with someone without my computer in front of me. Anyone that could get me to do either is a very rare person indeed.

I can still remember doing the very first episode of The Phil Naessens Show from the second floor loft...I didn't know squat back then but I remember Eleni the manager bending over backwards to make that happen.

I remember last summer hanging out with the uncle of one of my local students talking New York Mets baseball....it was the first time I had had a face to face conversation with an actual fan in years and it was a great time.

I could go on and on....

Starbucks Corfu is closing for the winter today....

I don't really know what the immediate future holds for me other than I will be doing radio somewhere...radio that began in this very spot.... and I'm not sure if I'm ever going to sit in my usual spot, drink my tea and do my work in peace....

Normally by this time on Sunday (3pm) I'd of left Starbucks for the day, grab enough food for the day at the resort restaurant, head on home and text my "little buddy" about a million times with my new plans for the show.

Not today.

I think I'll just hang out here for a while longer, eat some stuff I shouldn't, drink some more iced tea and enjoy the privacy and the peace and quiet I can only get here at Starbucks Corfu.

I won't miss that much about Corfu but I'll miss Starbucks Corfu. For a better part of the last four years or so this place has been like a second home to me....

Thanks Starbucks Corfu for making me feel like I was at home....