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Random Thoughts on a Sunny Saturday!


The sun shone all day long and the thermometer said 70 degrees today in beautiful Corfu Greece. It’s actually been like this the past two days and tomorrow looks just as promising. Whoever said that weather affects ones mood sure did hit the nail on the head because I feel great today!


1). The New York Knicks finally lost their first game of the season last night but I'm not a bit upset about it. Their win on Thursday night over San Antonio showed me what kind of team we have in the big city and I'm thrilled!


2). Ever since I gave the Brooklyn Nets hell on my sports show they have stepped it up a notch and I believe have won four straight. They aren't as good as the Knicks but they might not be as bad as I thought.


3). I've been extremely critical of Tim Tebow and while I don't believe he's the answer he isn't the problem with the New York Jets. The Jets problem is that they talk too much crap and can't back it up.


4). Detroit Tigers 3B Miguel Cabrera won the American League MVP Award and of course supporters of Los Angeles Angels rookie sensation Mike Trout believe Trout was robbed. Cabrera won the triple crown and led his team to the World Series....Trout’s team didn't even make the playoffs....case closed.


5).   Hostess Bakeries are closing their doors. 19,000 jobs lost. Twinkies, Cup Cakes and Ding Dongs are done. If I were Barack Obama I would step in and help that company out because Hostess is as American as Apple Pie and Chevrolet.


6). I was against hiring Mike Woodson as Head Coach but the New York Knicks are 24-7 with him at the helm and are playing better then they have in years. Guess I was wrong, huh?


7). What goes away on its own can also come back on its own.


8). I love putting a great show together but what I love even more is when people tune in...If only one person listens it makes me smile!


Have a great Saturday everyone!!!