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Random Thoughts on a Serendipitous Sunday


It’s a sunny day once again in beautiful Corfu Greece and once again I slept most of the day away. Working nights like I do means you sleep in the day so I miss out on some of the sunshine.



1). Christmas movie alert number 1. Last night I saw the movie Serendipity with Kate Beckinsale and John Cusak. If you've ever let someone go hoping that one day they would return then this movie is the one for you. If you did let someone go and he or she didn't return give this movie a pass.



2). Serendipity is defined as being lucky in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries....fortunately I've made a few discoveries that left me feeling awful lucky....one in particular and I'm not leaving this Island without it.



3). Of course the polar opposite of serendipity would be doomed.....too gloomy a word to even think about on a day like serendipitous Sunday!



4). Tonight at 8pm (1pm in NYC) the New York Knicks take on the Detroit Pistons. I have a huge bag of chips, 1.5 litres of iced tea, a box of chocolate cookies and a medium sized bag of Cheetos all lined up to watch the Knicks thrash the Pistons. Can't wait to hear whatever 10 dollar words proceed from Clyde the Glides mouth on the MSG telecast! A truly serendipitous Sunday indeed. (That didn't fit did it?)



5). I'm feeling very serendipitous that I'm able to watch the Knicks at all let alone watch them live on their home channel. Thank you Mark Cuban for inventing live sports streaming via the Internet!



6). I really missed playing tennis today. Not very serendipitous at all.



7). A listener of my show sent me the book Growing up Amish. Its a fascinating read and a lifestyle I always wanted to know more about....hopefully I can get the author to come on the show because he has an interesting story to tell. That would be not only serendipitous but highly informative as well.



8). I'm all out of serendipitous things to write about. That's serendipitous for dear reader!



Have a great Sunday everyone!!