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Book Review and Radio Interview: Brilliant Disguise by Mark Berman


Have you guys ever been in a situation where every woman in your life was giving you the blues? Mark Berman’s novel Brilliant Disguise follows takes the reader through this very journey through the entirely believable situation main character Bill Press has found himself into.


Berman did a very clever job of creating this story. The characters are believable and nearly every guy I know, including me, has found himself in just the same situation. The reader will be absolutely captivated watching Press navigate through his personal crises and if said reader is a New York Mets fan the journey with Press will be that much more enjoyable.


Great dialogue, great character development and a flowing story make this book a winner. I highly suggest you pick up a copy of Brilliant Disguise today.


Mark Berman joined me on The Phil Naessens Show to discuss Brilliant Disguise and you can listen to that interview here. You can purchase Brilliant Disguise here.


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy because the author is a colleague of mine. It was my decision to review this book and my decision to bring him on The Phil Naessens Show.