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Carol June Thomson
Aug 2011

Phil Cosker (1946) was born in Cardiff, Wales. He’s been fascinated by fiction since his father told him a story in bed one Sunday morning when he was a small child. It was called ‘The clue of the bloodstained putty knife’. What made it particularly thrilling was that the putty knife existed, as did the shed (it was his Dad’s) in which the knife was found covered in blood (in the story). Phil still has the putty knife.

He began writing on his own account when he was thirteen – poems and other imitative stuff. Later he tried to paint like Jackson Pollock and then make photographs like Cartier Bresson whilst doing a degree in Sociology. He went on to be a photographer and award winning documentary film maker whilst earning his living teaching in art school, university, and eventually, for his sins, becoming a senior academic bureaucrat – then he escaped. He’s run his own arts and creative industries consultancy and been active in the arts in the UK for many years.

His first short story Cruelty to Animals was published in 1979. He’s been writing pretty much full time for the last ten years.

Narrative fiction includes:

Sedan - an entertainment - the parts one, two & three (Laughing Horse Books 2004 – 2010) – a comedic satire set in England in the future after the big war that nobody won. There are no fossil fuels and the only means of transport is the Sedan chair carried by the underclass of Legits. Is there revolution in the air? Damn right there is – the Sedanistas intend to overthrow the government of the monarchic state and its androgynous monarch Ham. Much fun is to be had - but not by one and all.

The Apostles (Laughing Horse Books and Kindle e-book 2011) – murder mystery and intrigue – a novel and screenplay. Novel available as a Kindle ebook and in paperback from Laughng Horse Books by mail order.

After Hiroshima (to be published later in 2011) – magic realism meets the thriller – a novel and screenplay.

Story (Laughing Horse Books 2009) – children’s book that ‘explains’ the origins of the Welsh flag.

Weber, Marya & Din (To be published later in 2011) – dystopian horror story set in England in the near future.

Lucasz Klimaszewski meets the Reverend Roland Blite in unexpected circumstances with unexpected consequences – (to be published later in 2011) comedy set in the present. The recently dead and naked ghost of a young Polish man can only be seen by the Reverend Blite who is not the most politically correct of men, hence the ‘unexpected consequences’.

Screenplays include: Life Class, Clowns, Lilly and Plot.

 He is currently writing When Lucasz Klimaszewski and the Reverend Roland Blite went to sea in anything but a beautiful pea green boat and a collection of short stories begun over thirty years ago.

 Asked what he feels about his work Phil said, ‘It may be an ugly baby but it’s my baby’ but insists he’s not that protective about his own work. ‘When a book leaves and sets off into the world one can’t help wondering, just like any parent, how it will make it’s way and one hopes its journey will be good and that it will make a few good friends.’


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