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During his second take-it-to-the-people appearance this morning in Ft. Myers, Fla, President Obama mentioned that "last night, I addressed the nation..." Really? And all along I thought that was supposed to be a press conference, not a speech. But, while every president has tried to use...
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Let's put the whole Barack Obama-Rush Limbaugh flap into some perspective and not get our "femiNazi" vs. "Big, Fat Idiot" undies in a twist. It's Mr. Obama who may come out ahead on the whole thing. When Richard Nixon went on Laugh-In and said, "Sock it to ME?", the...
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George Bush has officially been jobless for 24 hours. Plenty of time left on his calendar to collect those unemployment checks. Not to mention the book he says he'll write to "tell what it was like" having to make the hard decisions. Barack Obama, on the other hand, has what very few...
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Remember all those deep dish analyses a few months ago wondering whether we'd ever be able to make fun of a president again in a Barack Obama world? Would Jon Stewart or Jimmy Kimmel really step up in the face of all that public adoration and inspiration? Well, how fast the curtain goes up on the...
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Last Tuesday, a stocky 75-year-old man stood at the bar of the luxuriously 40's-style 1300 Fillmore restaurant, watching the rotating photos projected on the wall of dozens of jazz musicians from the last 80 years. He named every one of them in a heartbeat because he'd played with every one of...
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Hidden deep in the thicket of increasingly bald-faced Wall Street financial skullduggery is this shocking gem: Bluto from "Animal House" is living in the Hamptons and picking your pocket. Well, not exactly. But a grand jury in Philadelphia handed down an indictment yesterday against...
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Baby Gorilla
San Francisco - a place where chickens go free, gorillas are aloof, tiger maulings are blithely replaced by tiger promos and some guy, clearly not learning from my past mistakes, tries to scale a black rhino enclosure fence at the troubled SF Zoo. Even Gavin Newsom can't cut the budget for crazy,...
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Two big holiday season cheers to floppy-haired Ilinois governor Rod Blagojevich for giving us faith again. Just when we thought we couldn't squeeze out one more drop of righteous indignation. Just when continuing big executive financial sector bonuses and automaker private jet rides threatened...
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Some professional journalists and journalism organizations are like weapons manufacturers when it comes to their view of commenters to their web sites. They provide the guns and ammo but feel downright squeamish about how their product is used. Even bloggers and non-traditional sources are...
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Mickey Rourke busted by the New York Times? Yikes. How about Bay Area actors Sean Penn and Peter Coyote on advance guard missions to hostile countries, visiting the same leaders Barack Obama says he'll meet as president "without preconditions"? (Of course, Coyote and Obama are also Red...
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Did you think political partisanship had been momentarily stun-gunned by Barack Obama's outstretched arms? Just because Robert Gates gets to stay on? No, no such thing when there are still plenty of opportunities to gloat or kick the departing Commander-in-Chief right in the Christmas tree on his...
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Mickey Rourke busted by the New York Times? Yikes. How about Bay Area actors Sean Penn and Peter Coyote on advance guard missions to hostile countries, visiting the same leaders Barack Obama says he'll meet as president "without preconditions"?   What exactly is going on!? While...
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I once sat through one of composer Philip Glass' single note, hours-long concerts. I tried to grasp the conceptual value of it while I also tried not to eat my own hand out of boredom. Gavin Newsom is the Philip Glass of politicians. And that's the good news. At least he's experimenting.  ...
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The story of the guy getting trampled at the New York Wal-Mart lasted about 48 hours in the news cycle. There are a few "ongoing investigation" clean-up pieces, but the big media wave, like the crush of shoppers busting down the doors for bargains one store employee was anonymously quoted...
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Happy holidays. Here are your four sheets of toilet paper. Have a nice 24-hour flight home. Giant holes in your aircraft, stalled engines, unscheduled nosedives, no nappies and emergency landings are included in your ticket price. Welcome to Qantas. Now sit down, buckle in and shut up or we'll have...
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