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Pay up, Sammy Hagar, it's for autism

Autism might be the scariest medical mystery of the 21st century. Like climate change, autism is debated furiously but with roughly the same conclusion: something weird and unsettling is going on in nature.

So why did upper middle-aged rocker Sammy Hagar (he's 60, dude!) hijack a benefit auction for an estimable autism school and offer $100,000 actual dollars if the auctioneers would just shut up and stop the proceedings -- and a few thousand more if emcee/stand-up comic Mark Pitta got off the stage?

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I wonder

After encountering a few staggeringly gifted autistic people, I wonder if autism is automatically something that needs to be "fixed."  Certainly there are forms of it that are self-destructive and do respond to therapy, but there is a certain knee-jerk response to autism that just doesn't seem right.

 When I'm in the throes of a writing spree, I'm fairly certain I seem autistic to my family.  I tend to respond in monosyllabic grunts, and only occasionally emerge from my den for a slab of meat.