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Bronstein Beat: Will the End of DADT Force Families to Teach Kids About Homosexuality? 5

Sick of hearing about my opinions all of the time? Me, too.

I'd like to introduce a new blog feature called "The Bronstein Beat." I'm an editor, so I'll give readers regular assignments - sometimes I'll ask for pictures, videos, or links, other times it'll be anecdotes, quotes, or opinions - and post the best responses on my blog.

This week's assignment: Would the end of the military's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy force families to teach their kids about homosexuality?

According to this Washington Examiner article, Rep. Ike Skelton - a Democrat from Missouri - says the military should keep its ban on gays to avoid rampant talk of homosexuality.

"My biggest concern are the families," he said. Mr. Skelton thinks the debate in Congress over the proposed repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law might force families to explain homosexuality to their children. "What do mommies and daddies say to their 7-year-old child?" he wants to know.

What do you think? Will families have to have the birds-and-the-birds talk if gays serve openly? Should families be "forced" to explain what homosexuality is to their kids? Do you think kids know what DADT is? Do seven-year-olds already know what "gay" is? When is the right time to discuss this? If you've already dealt with questions from your kids on this, how did you handle it?

Let me know by posting your answers in the comments and I'll showcase the most interesting responses on my blog tomorrow.

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Teaching children about homosexuality

Teaching children is not a one thing fits all. I have seen 5 yr olds who are "old souls" when it comes to understanding complicated subjects like homosexuality. Others might need to be several years older to appreciate the difference, but all can be taught that being different doesn't mean it's ok to disrespect.
Unfortunately too many parents themselves are deficient in this respect. But times have changed much for the better in my own 91 years. We will always have bigots but attitudes have been swinging faster and I hope I live long enough to see truly equal rights for gays, and no special treatment because they are gay.

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I was about 14 when I

I was about 14 when I learned what sex was. My parents were Republicans and they didn't have sex. Well, maybe they did three times, because I have a brother and a sister.

So it's probably a good idea to learn what sex is before you learn what non-Republican sex is.

Now you know.