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A move to kill district elections in SF?

That's SF Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier talking about the way the city elects its supervisors. San Francisco district elections are like the slapping scene in "Chinatown". We love them, we hate them, love them, hate them. Like that. OK, some people just hate them. Now there's a well-coiffed conspiracy gearing up to toss out the system once again.

Co-conspirators include mildly controversial social lioness and huge patroness of the arts, Dede Wilsey. "Dede is not alone," in dissing the current arrangement, says Michela. "I've heard it a lot." Particularly in Pacific Heights where Michela quotes a resident as saying "we really fought for district elections and now we want to go back to citywide because we're not being represented properly." Residents of that district don't seem to be suffering, but they do have their issues. Her District Two predecessor, Gavin Newsom, was also there. We know what he thinks disgruntled citizens should do: sue the city.

Dede announced this insurgency last night during a party at her heavily draped Pacific Ave. mansion, where a bunch of the city's upper class gladly accepted free signed copies of George Shultz' new book.

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