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Appalachian Spring


Appalachian Spring


Pastoral & elegant, I live in a tree

a watercolor woman, an animated leaf

Vigor pours out of the veins of the limb

I have the great strength of an oak to live in

On some days I move to the grief of a willow

some days, cottonwoods, some days a bare birch

From high  up, I nod to the courage of flowers

forsythia, peonies, marigolds & hearts,

the cone flowers, the tulips, the fine purple lilies,

the shy black eyed susans growing wild in the valley

Since I am observing from such a high place,

I am first to see Spring take a pause at the lake!

I see the birds flying in a jubilant return

I see the geese landing for the season's first swim

Suddenly the world grows majestic in oils

& I applaud from my tree, Oh, Bravo! Encore!!