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Woodstock, N.Y.
Sep 2009

I live a quiet life in upstate New York, get cabin feverish in the winter (which lasts about five months), exercise by riding a bike and splitting wood. As a freelance copyeditor, I work out of my home for a shifting cast of major publishers, who send manuscripts via messenger service or computer. Reading books is a swell way to earn a living, but it would be less splendid if I did not find creative sustenance as a writer.

I've had two books published, first person nonfiction novels: I Think, Therefore Who Am I? Memoir of a Psychedelic Year (republished in Italy as Penso, dunque chi sono?), and Digging Deeper, A Memoir of the Seventies. They're available via Internet sources (amazon, abebooks, arnes&noble, powell's books, etc.).

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bike riding, fire making, travel, reading, writing