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Book of Terns.jpg
 The Book of Terns is back!  Or shall I say it has reterned?  For years we have ignored the public's clamoring and this classic collection of seabirds and wordplay has been available only in dusty, sordid corners of the Internet.  Originally published in 1978, The Book of Terns was a collaboration with artist Michael C. Witte--an exhibition of Witte's extraordinary virtuosity more...
Time on My Hands.jpg
Travel writer Gabriel Prince runs into an eccentric fellow American at the Musee des Techniques in Paris. Turns out Jasper Hudnut is a noted physicist who has (1) access to a time machine; and (2) a propostion--how would Gabriel like to go back in time and sidetrack Ronald Reagan's path to the presidency? Not that much, as it turns out, but the idea gradually becomes more...
What would happen, I wondered in mid-1982, if Israel actually invaded Lebanon. So I started writing a book, and wouldn't you know it, Israel actually invaded Lebanon, which somewhat detracted from the novel's fantasy element. Fortunately, the other part I made up didn't happen. That would be Israel's alliance with Armenian nationalists striving to establish a Christian democracy...
Games of Chance.jpg
A thriller set in New York, South Florida, and the Basque country of Spain. A burnt-out pop culture journalist meets a mysterious cocaine dealer at a poker game. At the latter's suggestion, the former looks up a an equally mysterious young woman in Florida, where they encounter malefic Cubans and crooked cops. Eventually everyone (except the Cubans and the cops) ends up in Spain...