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David Gans, Host of The Grateful Dead Hour, Gives Two Thumbs Up for GUD
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I had an amazing email from David Gans today saying how much he dug Growing Up Dead! Here's the O-fficial blurb from the man himself: 

"This is a very important addition to the Grateful Dead bookshelf: an honest, articulate, celebratory, and inspiring account of life on Dead tour in the 1980s. Peter Conners does a great job of describing the magic."


Between his radio shows, his books, articles, interviews, and his own music, David is by far the most active member of the Deadhead community. I'm thrilled that he earnestly & honestly appreciated Growing Up Dead.

I'll be appearing on two of David's shows in the coming months.  I'll be interviewed on Tales from the Golden Road on the Grateful Dead Channel on Sirius satelite radio in April. The show airs on April 26 and again on April 27. I'll also fly out to San Francisco to be interviewed on his nationally syndicated The Grateful Dead Hour on June 3rd. Complete info on these interviews can be found at [Readings & Happenings].

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I've listened to Gans' show a couple of times on KPFA. Didn't he write a book on the Dead? Invite him to Red Room!

Jennifer Gibbons, Red Room