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A novel in 30 days?

   It was a crazy thing to decide to do: to write a novel in 30 days.  I'm in the middle of a non-fiction project, the holidays are coming, and work is stacked up like planes at O'Hare Airport.  But the idea of sitting down and powering out a book just wouldn't go away.  In the newspaper that morning was a headline about a club that made me laugh out loud.  Then, a first line came to me that night as I lay in bed. I couldn't stop thinking about that line, about that ridiculous club.  I told myself to get back to work that would help pay the bills and not some frivolous writing project.  But I couldn't.  

I thought about characters for the book on my run.  I named them as I did the dishes.  Finally, I apologized in advance to my husband for the hours I would spent writing in the garage and started to type.  9,000 words so far, and counting.  I'm having a wonderful time.