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Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary Moments

Women are defensive about their choices and that's totally understandable. In a time of cultural flux, someone else's decisions and accommodations can feel like a reproach. One of my favorite scenes in the book is between two sisters who have very different lives, and as they're talking while doing the dishes, they realize that if they weren't sisters they'd be incredibly judgmental about one another. It was a really amazing moment, yet it happened while they were doing dishes. All the best moments happened when people were doing something really ordinary.

-Me, quoted on Randomhouse.com, August 2001

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Ordinary things

There is a french saying which says" Tout ce qui est simple est beau"

All simple things are beautiful.Ordinary people,ordinary things ,is there more simple than that?


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holykiss All the best

holykiss All the best moments happen while people were doing something realy ordinary... there are no truer words than these. That's realy beautiful.