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What? Me work?

     When I was a twenty-something wanna-be poet and novelist, a friend of mine (a forty-something tenured professor/published author), impatient with my lack of literary production and critical of my grasshopper-like ways, told me in an intimidating manner that there was one thing I'd better learn to do. It was a four-letter word that ended in "k": WORK. He made work sound unappealing, something no one would want to do. Like too many people, he understood work to be the opposite of play.

     Now that I am quite a bit older, I can tell you that I've always had the right idea. The work of a poet/novelist is play. The work of imagination is always play. When I'm working at my craft, I'm happy. Unfortunately, I also have to earn money and that requires employment. Employment is a distraction. Employment drains the energy I would rather put to better use working.

     The more literary work I can create, the more I can get published. If people buy enough of my books, eventually I'll be able to retire from employment and spend all my time and energy at work, writing.

     I've found the Red Room to be a marvelous place for promoting my work. The Romanian editor, Daniel Dragomirescu, discovered my work on the Red Room and has published several selections of my poetry and prose in his journal, Contemporary Literary Horizon. Now he has done me the honor of writing a review of my poetry. He has posted the review (in Romanian and English) on his web site: http://contemporaryhorizon.blogspot.com/2010/01/peggy-landsman-from-luci...

     So thank you Red Room for helping to promote my work. You are an ally to those of us whose work is playing with words.

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Too Right You Are :)

I completely agree that "work" is fun. I too am a lover of writing. It is always amazing to delve into my mind and see what comes out. I sometimes surprise myself at the leaps my mind can make. I also agree that employment is, though a necessity, somewhat of a hindrance. I often find myself tired at the end of the day and sometimes do not have the energy to "work." Thanks to an English professor, I have just discovered Red Room. Thus far, it has been an incredible way to keep writing even when I'm tired. I haven't written much yet but have posted a short story and a couple of blogs. I hope that one day someone admires my work the way that the reviewer admired yours. Congratulations on the rave review. I will definitely view some of your poetry, as I am now quite intrigued.


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Let's hear it for deep mind diving!

Hi Lindsey,

Thanks for commenting.

I hope you enjoy my poetry. I've been writing a long time.I started publishing only after I was 40.Other poets' work has been important to me my whole conscious life. I am happy that I can now contribute something to the culture that has given so much to me.

Good luck with your writing.