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MY FAVORITE NONPROFIT - The Girls Leadership Institute

I recently read a book, The Curse of the Good Girl: Raising Authentic Girls with Courage and Confidence, by Rachel Simmons.  I recommend this book to everyone, especially to all women. This book first explores how girls are pressured to embrace a version of selfhood which makes them weak and diminishes their potential. It then suggest ways to promote authenticity, integrity and personal authority in girls. The book  introduced me to the Girls Leadership Institute, the non-profit that Rachel Simmons founded. 

Please note the fact that charities relating to girls and women receive much less funding than other charities.

Here is the link to go directly to their site:  http://www.girlsleadershipinstitute.org/about-gli

If you're not in the mood to click, I have copied from their home page:

About GLI

What is the GLI mission?
The Girls Leadership Institute inspires girls to be true to themselves. We teach the practices of emotional intelligence, assertive self-expression and healthy relationships, giving girls the skills and confidence to live as leaders.

What Does GLI Do?
For ten years, the Girls Leadership Institute (GLI) has awakened thousands of girls to a life of authentic leadership.  Co-founded by bestselling author and girl-expert Rachel Simmons, we are a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization providing transformational programs to girls, their parents, and their educational communities.

At GLI, we offer camps and workshops designed to teach girls, educators and parents the core practices of emotional intelligence, healthy relationships, and assertive self-expression. Taught by professional, salaried instructors, all GLI programs use interactive lessons and theatre-based techniques to help girls connect with their emotions and practice the tools of building healthy, authentic relationships. The courses are age-appropriate and progressive, following girls’ developmental needs from grade school through high school.

What Makes GLI Unique?
GLI's exceptional program offerings are based on:

    * Program foundation grounded in developing girls’ “internal” leadership skills
    * Teaching based on an emotional-intelligence-centered curriculum
    * Salaried, professional teaching faculty
    * Full spectrum curriculum, supporting girls K-12
    * Teacher and parent education programs

Our principal focus is girls’ “internal” leadership skills, which include:

    * Recognizing and building healthy relationships
    * Identifying, expressing and respecting emotions
    * Owning mistakes
    * Accepting constructive criticism
    * Approaching conflict as an opportunity for change

Where are you based?
Our office is in Berkeley, CA.  We run workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area, Colorado and New York City. Our overnight camp is in the Massachusetts Berkshires. We run programs all over the country and internationally.