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My goodness, setting this up is alot of work


So, I'm doing my best to set this blog up but..my husband keeps bugging me.  See, he's in the process of removing a twenty foot chimney with a million brick(I tend to exaggerate) lying all over the downstairs floor.  We bought a marvelous old building and are remodeling it on a budget.  Thats my office in the top right corner, second floor.  The downstairs still is a mess, maybe this year!....Anyway, here in Wisconsin,  the wind has picked up (Like blow me away) so I can not go outside to play.  He knew I was going to do this and said, "Sure sweetie, go ahead I don't need you today."  Fibber!  Half way into this, he is right there, over my shoulder, "I'm hungry,what ya doing?"

Between doing this and working to edit  a story for submission I have decided, it is now BEER Thirty.  All kidding aside.

I'll try and get more of this finished in just a few days, if all goes well.  It's nice to be here, look forward to reading other blogs and meeting other writers.  I have a strange sense of humor and sometimes my keyboard sticks, be patient with me.  I'm having a grand time.   Hope your Saturday is a great one.  Go watch some cartoons with your kids.

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Update please.

So how's the refurb going? You can't leave us hanging for over three months!

Pleased to meet you, I'm Brian T. McKee