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A Busy Interesting Day
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My day began way too early when I awoke at 6:00 a.m.   The morning routine went according to plan; feed the pets, have a cup of decaf, check email, take the dog for a walk.

From there the day was sort of strange, yet normal in some respects.  I took a trip to the Spiritual Healing Institute, which is an educational center in someone's home.   She offers a four-year study program.  The curriculum guides students through an honest look at the history of religion, the spirit, spiritual growth, and getting to know yourself.  The teacher is also a Reiki instructor and a hypnotist.  Her home sits right next to a church graveyard.  While I am interviewing her I hear the church bells chime through the open window.  A cool breeze blows the lace curtains across the wallpaper mural, and water is heating in a coffee pot for tea.  Our conversation was unique and went on for two hours.

My stomach grumbled when I left so I went to the coffee house where my son works and had a decaf vanilla fudge latte with a veggie wrap.  As soon as I finished I went to the book store to pick up a few magazines and looked for a book that they did not have.

I decided to go home, but changed my mind when I reached a traffic light near downtown.  I took a left, instead of a right, and went to my favorite book store to chat with one of my coaching colleagues.  Coincidently, a holistic health practioner decided to visit this store at the same time.  We had a wonderful conversation.  I'll be attending a class she's holding tomorrow on healing and energy work, as I am curious.  Stay tuned to hear more about that.

Before I knew it the clock struck 6:00 and my stomach cried for more food, so I met my hubby at our favorite Mexican restaurant  for a bite to eat.  Now it's time to relax and perhaps watch a movie or some television--haven't done that in a few weeks.