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Jan.01.2010 - 9:53 am
"I hope you're happy now!" "Happiness is the best medicine." Happiness is, perhaps, one of the most misunderstood concepts of the human condition.   If you...
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Oct.09.2009 - 3:09 pm
It took me a little while to unwind from the long drive.  I paced my parents condo for a few minutes to stretch my legs and chatted with my mother while she put water in a pot for...
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Oct.07.2009 - 7:04 am
In day-to-day living changes are subtle and often go unnoticed.  We move about our business and seldom reflect.  Each moment is a story unfolding that often goes untold.  For each...
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Sep.27.2009 - 6:49 am
What is it that keeps me from writing?  I am pretty sure it is the creative process at work.  Just because I do not have paper and pen in hand does not mean that I am not working...
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Comments from Peg

Nov.01.2009 - 2:50 pm
In response to: November 1st
The Brady's are such a phenomenon. :) I am reading Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg. It is about freeing...
Sep.27.2009 - 11:28 am
In response to: What is it?
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and leave such a thoughtful comment.
Sep.06.2009 - 11:30 am
In response to: Labor Day Sunday
This week I caught up on my magazine reading-Writer's Digest, Pure Inspiration, Quilter's Home, Oprah, and a couple of...
Aug.30.2009 - 1:16 pm
In response to: August 30th
Nora actually lives about 40 minutes away from me. I would love the opportunity to meet with and talk to her;...
Aug.23.2009 - 12:45 pm
In response to: August 23rd
I have not heard of the Alice books. The New Pair of Shoes title is fun. Is it humorous? This week I read The Compass...