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There’s nothing quite like a hot, soothing bowl of soup. It’s a leisurely meal—a purposeful one that offers pause for reflection between every savory spoonful. What if you approached every meal as if it were that delicious bowl of soup? In Reinventing the Meal, you’ll learn how to reconnect with your body, mind, and world with a three-course approach to mindful eating. Inside...
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As a smoker, you know how comforting stepping out for a smoke can be. Smoke breaks are relaxing rituals that can help you cope with stress, keep perspective, and feel good. So why give them up? With The Smoke-Free Smoke Break, you don’t have to. This groundbreaking approach presents a complete plan for quitting smoking safely by helping you transform your smoke breaks into a...
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What if we could go through a day of spilled coffee, traffic snarls, and fights with our loved one, and emerge feeling balanced and unscathed? The Lotus Effect offers ancient meditative techniques designed to help readers do just that. Written by clinical psychologist and practicing Buddhist Pavel Somov, this book breaks down the 'lotus effect'-the ability of the lotus plant to...
Treating perfectionism is difficult in part because perfectionists tend to take even the process of overcoming perfectionism extremely seriously, criticizing themselves for perceived mistakes in the therapeutic process and judging themselves harshly if they feel their progress has been too slow. Because mindfulness does not ask that perfectionists stop anxious thoughts and feelings...
Product DescriptionDo you use food to comfort yourself when you're feeling depressed or stressed? Do you sometimes eat simply because you're bored? There are so many opportunities to snack and overeat mindlessly, it's no wonder that most diets fail. But mindless eating can lead to health problems, obesity, and a feeling that you've lost control.   Eating the Moment offers 141...