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Read another piece of sci-fi about black holes in Scientific American and thought to myself: "Black holes aren't holes. There are no holes in the Universe. Black holes are homogenizers. Black holes de-differentiate forms back into un-differentated proto-matter." The above is an old sentiment of...
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Turn inside out this Body of Self-Evidence to prove the existence of your Mind.   No life hangs inside the deep-freeze of this meat locker.
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Notice the body that you are (and you aren't). There is nothing else (to notice). Notice the mind that you are (and you aren't). There is nothing else (to notice). And now notice the Noticer: Is it the Body witnessing its own Mind? or Is it the Mind witnessing its own Body? or Both? or Neither?
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Some practically irrelevant thoughts: Vacuum isn't vacuum, space isn't space, emptiness isn't emptiness, nothingness isn't nothingness. That which we perceive as "vacuum," "space," "emptiness," and "nothingness" is undifferentiated proto-matter.  This undifferentiated proto-matter is pure...
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A sense of being involves a degree of separateness from the rest of the world.  After all, the verb to “exist” literally means to stand out.  When you are present, your awareness of your own existence happens on the backdrop of time.  Time is really just perception of change, of...
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Transhuman Fermentation Still a cultural underground, transhumanism is a gradual churning of techno-genetic possibilities. As a social movement, transhumanism is still in the stages of fermentation. From the evolutionary standpoint, transhumanism is an attempt at self-guided evolution, a project...
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Food for thought (to go along with my 2010 post Psychology of Presidential Ambition): "Overall, the study found, presidents tended to be more like psychopaths than the general population in their level of fearless dominance, but they didn't show a psychopathic excess of impulsive antisocial...
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All life distinguishes “inside” from “outside,” or “self” from “nonself.”  (I call this SkinThink).  This is the fundamental duality of existence.  This dichotomy, this distinction, this bias, this sapience is the software of living.  Life (in order to begin, in order to...
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The First Patriarch of Zen, Bodhidharma, was an Indian guy on a mission to spread Mahayana Buddhism to China.  Here’s what he preached: “I don’t talk about precepts, devotion, or ascetic practices… These are fanatical, provisional teachings.  Once you recognize your moving,...
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In some ways, we are objectively Many (i.e. separate) but are subjectively One. In some way, we are objectively One and only subjectively Many (i.e. separate). But at the end of the proverbial (thinking) day, here's what I really think:             -
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Reality - in its illusionary two-ness (duality) - gives "each" "other" credit for "this" or "that," while all along being utterly self-caused.
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"[T]he important point is that in the Nondual traditions, you take a vow, a very sacred vow, which is the foundation of all of your training, and the vow is that you will not disappear into cessation - you will not hide out in nirvana, you will not evaporate in nirodh, you will not abandon the...
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Turn rumination into acceptance.  Upgrade your perfectionistic “shoulda, coulda, woulda” mantra with the word “buddha.” The word “buddha” means “awakened, enlightened” in Pali.  Use this term in its lower-case connotation as a symbol of acceptance and appreciation of the natural...
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A twist of a word winds up the mind-toy.  And the double helix tango of Self-as-an-Object and Self-as-a-Subject begins its narrative.  If DNA is information, then DNA is consciousness.  If consciousness is information, then consciousness is DNA.
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The standard smoking cessation quit-date timeline is 1-2 weeks.  Here’s an example of this kind of blitzkrieg quit-date advice from a 2003 American Cancer Society publication, “Kicking Butts”: “Pick a quit date – about seven to fourteen days from now.” (p. 88). 7 to 14 days?  Really?!...
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