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Vacuum is Hunger (or Why Vacuum Sucks)

Some practically irrelevant thoughts:

Vacuum isn't vacuum, space isn't space, emptiness isn't emptiness, nothingness isn't nothingness. That which we perceive as "vacuum," "space," "emptiness," and "nothingness" is undifferentiated proto-matter.  This undifferentiated proto-matter is pure Id, pure desire, pure thirst, pure trishna/tanha, pure existential energy to manifest, pure craving to be. 

That's why "vacuum" sucks.  "Vacuum" sucks in, pulls in, draws in.  But, of course, there is no "in," just like there is no "out." Undifferentiated proto-matter, "vacuum" wants to manifest, to take form, to be, to exist, to stand out, to differentiate.  Pure Id, "vacuum" assumes the form of whatever "objects" that it draws "in." 

"Vacuum" consumes information.  Vacuum is hunger to be, a hunger that can only be satisfied with a chance of individuated existence, with a shot at form-ation. Why?  Because the Universe has nothing else to do but to oscillate from being to almost-non-being (there is no absolute non-being: the Universe has nowhere to disappear into; it can only change form).

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Interesting Perspective -

So this is why my mind can't tolerate a vacuum and fills itself with thinking and remembered music. Probably, why, too, I need to mediate to re-balance myself. Tidal forces of vacuum and information surge and roll in my head. The meditation calms the seas. Intriguing irrelevant thoughts.

But it goes back to your other post of being in time. The meditation helps me re-establish self-awareness by slowing me down in time and separating me from the treadmill of outside existence. 

Fascinating.  Cheers

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Thanks, Michael, for the echo/resonance.

Be well, fellow mind.