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Proposition # 26

"... the Initiation of Man into the Immemorial Mystery of the Open Secret of Being, revealed as the inevitable Vortex of Continuity.  Inevitable is the word.  Its motive is inherent - it is what has to be.  It is not for any love or hate, nor for joy nor sorrow, nor good nor ill.  End, beginning, or purpose, it knows not of."

Xenos Clark

Proposition # 26 (of HxofNBB*): Cosmos is Amoral

The Universe is a dynamic process.  It is always changing, in a constant cyclical pattern of differentiation and homogenization. These two words – differentiation and homogenization – are vectors of one and the same trajectory.  When you begin to draw a circle (enso**) clockwise, the direction of your intention (to go from left to right) requires that  – at any point of the drawing – you move your drawing hand from right to left.  Same with differentiation and homogenization: differentiation leads to homogenization which in turn leads to differentiation. 

The circularity of the Universe is a-directional.  The Universe is simultaneously differentiating and homogenizing, it is simultaneously moving in the direction of plurality of forms and in the direction of unification of all forms into the baseline of undifferentiated oneness.  Any sense of direction is an artifact of perspective.  There is a way of looking at differentiation as “bad” and there is a way of looking at differentiation as “good.”  There is a way of looking at homogenization as “good” and there is a way of looking at homogenization as “bad.” Objectively, the Universe is neither good nor bad.  But it does follow a direction, a direction of amoral self-awareness. 

*HxofNBB is History of the Next Big Bang (an Enso of Nothinglessness)