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Money is 1984

Shelf no meaninglessness.
Shelf no meaning.
Shelf no nirvana or nonduality.
If you got "it" now, share "it" now.
That’s the Law of Now!
Let the store-keeper save what feels good today and makes sense today untill tomorrow to make money.
Strategy (the Long-Think) wasn’t invented to take advantage of your fellow tribespeople.
Strategy (the Long-Think) was a modification to Tactics (the Short-Think) to optimize survival.
But we turned our inherent intelligence against each other, against our own selves, making money.
As long as there is myopia, there'll be dystopia.
Money means: either you or me.
That's Or-well, not well-being.
Share your Self!
Do not shelve it
because all subjectivity expires into an object.

pavel, a subject-object