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Cosmic Id

Cosmic Re-Interpretation of the Id/Ego/Superego Triad

Cosmic Id - proto-matter is conscious throughout; the vector of its consciousness is the search for wellbeing; all matter operates on a pleasure principle; there is no such thing-less thing as inanimate matter; the universe has always been alive, is alive and always will be alive, at each and every coordinate; the entire universe is a subjective arrow-of-change in the pursuit of wellbeing; the goal of the universe is to feel good; this goal is always accomplished exactly in proportion to the Differentiation/Homogenization Ratio*; Cosmic Id is not a psycho-informational structure but an a priori parameter of the conscious matter.

*Differentiation/Homogenization Ratio: At any given point the Universe is somewhere on the continuum of homogenization (sameness) and differentiation (difference). The more homogenized it is, the more united it is; the more self-connected it is, the happier it is. The more differentiated it is, the more fragmented it is; the more disconnected it is from itself, the more dissatisfied it is.  Note: the Universe is never fully differentiated into separate objects and stand-alone selves - such a situation would require true ontological nothingness in between objects.  No such true nothingness (void, space, vacuum) can exist (see 2012: The History of the Next Big Bang, Primary Assumption, Part I).

Ego - an ego is an informational structure, a collection of self-images, a composite view of self as "this" or "that;" an ego is a state of mind, a self-description; there is no one Cosmic Ego, there is no Brahman-level Ego; there is no Macro-Ego; all egos are micro-identities, the function of differentiation and individuation; egos and objects are synonymous; egos, while subjectively true, are objectively illusionary since there can be no separateness; egos are Atman-level only.

Superego - a superego is an informational dynamic, a sum total of conditioning, an entity-specific historical legacy, an inclination to re-act (i.e. re-enact previously reinforced action patterns) rather than to act; superego is psychologically a memory and physically a momentum; there can be no Cosmic Superego; there can be no Universe-wide/System-wide Superego: the Universe, as a whole, is unconditionable; all superegos are Atman-level, object-level; a superego is nothing more than a psycho-physical spin of a given vortex in the overall (endless) volume of the proto-material ocean.

Thus, the Universe is all Id.

That which we experience as "space" or "nothingness" or "void" or "vacuum" is undifferentiated proto-matter free of any ego-based or superego-based informational constraints.

Thus, that which we experience as "space" or "nothingness" or "void" or "vacuum" is pure Id, a source of pure energy of wellbeing.

The Proto-Energy of the Universe is a desire for well-being (which is why the Universe is perpetually dissatisfied and restless, dynamic, changing, evolving).

The entire Cosmos - from an ant to a sequoia tree, from a Higgs boson to a Supernova - operates on a Pleasure Principle.

Enjoy your dissatisfaction, Universe.

[2012: the History of the Next Big Bang]