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12 Track Namaste CD That Skips No One

A robot-in-me acknowledges the robot-in-you.
Made of same proto-parts, we – together – make up
one and the same Machinery of Consciousness.
Self is a thought-hive.
It waits not to be understood.
It just flies.
An event outside the event-horizon,
You exist beyond words, beyond form, beyond description.
A meta-cognitive solo caught in an non-discursive dragnet.
You are what you pay attention to.
Do you understand that right very now you are sitting down with me in my verbal zazen,
Whether you are reading this or writing this.
What’s one is one
Whichever side of this consciousness-mirror
you are experiencing our Self from.
You and I, we ride no elephants.
You and I, we ride no egos.
You and I, we are Brahman.
I dedicate this poem to whoever is reading it or writing it,
I don’t care…
Same I.
Oneness oil-spills 360 degrees wide.
Even oil and water mix if you remove the conditions.
Love is chemistry, you know…
I am inventing advertising with you in my mind.
Imagine that you have just read something that made you realize
That it might be useful to somebody but in the kind of way that you yourself cannot sell.
What would you do in that situation?
You’d probably share, right?
Reality isn’t a gimmick.
It’s unexplainably free, un-patented and un-patterned.
Share it, with your Self!
End of infomercial.
This information is free to distribute.
Consciousness-in-me finally acknowledges consciousness-in-you!

pavel, too late to be early