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My I Don't Care Rant of the Day

Who really cares?  I know I don't.  So what if you are gay.  That impacts me less than waking up in the morning to discover that it rained the night before.  There is nothing I can do about, nothing I can change about it.  "It is what it is."  So, in very simple words, I simply do not care.

We are all different.  Different in ways that we can change, different in ways that we cannot change.  We are all separated by degrees of individuality that despite the differences; leave us "uniquely similar." 

So, the SCOTUS decides to not lift DADT.  Interesting.  Of course the selective few are an uproar.  Celebrity videos stretching the truth... claiming gays in America are suffering an "epidemic" of suicides because the nation as a whole does not accept gay marriage and the military does allow the "openly" gay to serve. 

Anytime I hear celebrities rallying for a cause I tend to get a little sick to my stomach.  Kat Von D and Lady Gaga can cry until they are blue in the face about how the military should allow gays to serve openly.  How about they first serve in the military before passing judgment on military policy?  Just my thought on that.  An "epidemic" of suicides because of a military policy and the inability to get married?  Who in their right mind would fall for that... other than their feeble minded fans that is.  Not that all of their fans are feeble minded, just the ones who cannot define "epidemic."

John McCain's wife takes a stand against him on the issue.  Good for her!  He's against, she's for it.  I wonder what the dinner would have been like had a son come out the closet over Thursday pork chops and applesauce.

But there is more to it.  Certain insurance companies have designed programs that support gays, but cannot be used by "traditional" couples. ???  Seriously.  If you work for the AZ DMV, are gay and have a live in partner, they can get coverage through you.  If you live with a partner that is of the opposite sex, they cannot get coverage... oops!  That will be changed, but I am sure they were driving at respecting the fact that gays cannot get married while others simply choose not to.  That's another story though.

It is felt that DADT needs more time to be evaluated before being lifted.  Of course taking time to do it right is considered wrong.  I can't help but think about health care reform which was not fully considered before being passed and the legislative delight that turned out to be.  Damned if you do, damned if you don't, but you are not damned for being gay... unless you follow any of the World Monotheistic religions anyway... then it is only, damned if you do.

Because I really don't care all that much about the issue, I have not followed DADT so I really cannot speak to the logistics behind its potential repeal.  I can't help but wonder the obvious.  Does this mean a multibillion dollar Naval vessel would have to be reconfigured to further accommodate berthing for gay males and gay females?  Barracks at bases and training facilities adjusted to accommodate the same?  Gay only military hospital rooms?  Will such "segregation" of berthing further alienate a military sub-demographic?

And then there are affirmative action issues.  You know, the quota system where you hire based upon demographics beyond competency.  X% minority, X% female, X% gay?  Not to over simplify the issue, but I can't help but wonder.  Perhaps if I had more interest I would read up and self educate and write a blog or an article in better keeping with my normal style.  But, I don't so I probably won't.

I don't care because it is not important to me.  Not that I am self absorbed to that extent; it's just that I really don't care in a different kind of way.  In the military I cared if the man or woman next to me was worthy of me putting my life in his or her hands.  Just that simple.  Being White, Asian or gay (perhaps we will be capitalizing that shortly) meant absolutely nothing.  Could they do the job; yes or no?  I feel that way to this day.  I can work with and for anyone; so long as they are competent.  It is when they are not that I begin to take issue with them and that is not something to be taken lightly.

So really, what is the big deal?  The big deal is choice.  I am Black.  In this I was given no choice.  I am heterosexual.  In this I have choice.  That is the general consensus of Americans you know.  That is where the dichotomy lies.  It is not that gays are so much discriminated against, it is that there is an expectation that some accountability lie in the social decision that they have made in being gay.  No one wants to say that out loud so we make it politically correct to dodge the reality.  Tisk, tisk mind you because this is what is wrong with America today.

Anyway, when thinking about gays in the military I draw an emotional blank.  I have served with gays and guess what?  They could do their job and the fact that they were gay was meaningless - and not just to me.  Somewhere along the line you begin to realize that a person is about who they are, not what they are.  So a person cannot say "Hey, I'm gay." in the military.  Is that really that big of a deal?  Have we stopped to think that the military is a volunteer service to which you must fully assimilate in order to be retained?  You have a choice when joining, conform or don't enlist.  It is no different than being a casual pot smoker who wants to work for a drug free company.  They either quit "the refers" or they don't work there.  They are not going to sue the company to accommodate their habit... at least not yet, but we heading in that direction; quickly.  (Not that I have a thing against pot smokers... I don't care about that either).

On the other hand, the Army has accepted a man that violates the concept of "good order and discipline" citing that an exception to the dress code rules have been made because of the new Soldier's translation abilities.  Nothing you or I could not learn in school, but that's what the Army said.  Using that as example should send a message.  It clearly states that if accommodations can be made to the most fundamental principles that define military success, gays are essentially a moot issue in that they assimilate far better than this most recent "Soldier."

A few people are going to argue that being gay is "not a choice."  Whatever.  That is the American opinion and the median upon which judgment is based.  Some will defend the gross untruth about the suicide "epidemic."  First, do the math.  After that is complete and the discovery of bullying is made understand that this a reflection of America's moral decline; not the fact that a person is gay.  When parents fail to have the ability to instill values of acceptance in their children, they fail as parents.  This is not addressed, just the byproduct of the actions.  In the end, I still don't care.  I have the luxury of not caring because in my eyes gays are no less people than the person they stand beside.

Gays just happen to be the flavor of the month on the socio-political palate.  This will escalate and the gay agenda will lose steam because we fail to address the real issues behind the problems within our own society.  Gays simply want to be accepted as everyone else.  If men and women did not have the institution of marriage, gays would not seek to wed.  Social acceptance is the driving force for many.  The problem for all is that socially we are deteriorating as a people.  The gay plight is thus; they are striving for less in trying to achieve "more."

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I'd like to hear more of your well thought out, level headed "rants". Although calling this a rant is like calling South Park a cartoon.


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My rants

Thank you Jules!

I use rants to put things in perspective.  They way I see it; if I can figure it out... everyone should be able to!  LOL!

 More rants to come!